Who do you enjoy listening to or consider a mentor?  It is essential to have resources that evolve and inspire you.  Do you currently have a contact list of people you aspire to meet and collaborate with?  Write down 3 people to start with and make those calls.  Keep your info. somewhere you can refer to in the future.  Include dates with your notes, you want to track your progress right?

Is there something you want to learn but haven’t made contact to get started?  List these action items and dates as well.  Are you excited about connecting with the people on your lists?  If not, please recreate the lists until you feel it….if you feel good about what you are doing, this speaks louder than words.

I invite you to take action and move forward in a direction that produces excitement in you.  If you are not looking forward to something how can you invite others to participate?  Pick up the phone (no emails, posts, or texts please) and ASK.

Let me know how you do, how it felt, and most of all…what awareness came to you as a result of taking action today.

This video of Steve Jobs caught my attention and I hope you hear something that resonates with you.

Be Brilliant ~ Be Brave!