Before I started my own business I worked at a technology firm.  I learned skills there that are timeless and worked with people who left an imprint on my life.

Miss B. with whom I developed a relationship with was one person who stood out because she knew how to be true to herself while having a career and supporting a team.  Her work ethic was top notch and she knew how to navigate deadlines and difficult situations.  Her smile and laugh was infectious and it was a bright spot in my day when we could take a moment to let some light in!

After leaving the firm, unfortunately we lost contact for six years.  Last week, I saw an instant notification on my iPhone via LinkedIn FROM MISS B. inviting me to connect with her!   I replied back right away and within a day we were in touch via the phone.   This weekend we met in person for lunch and catch up on the past, present and future.  It was great to share time with her and learn about her new business plans and the goals she has for her next chapter.  It is a celebration to see people grow and change!   One element we plan to change is connecting with each other regularly and offering support as we grow our businesses.


“Meeting after moments or lifetimes is certain for those who are friends.”  ~Richard Bach