When I think about the mentors who have inspired me greatly and shared invaluable tools, Debbie Ford will always have a place in my life-work.  When I heard the news of her passing last Sunday at age 57, I had the rush of feelings that come…loss, sadness, and gratitude.  In addition, this post would not be complete without me saying how pissed off I feel when cancer takes another life.  It is too up close and personal at times.

If you don’t know her work you may want to explore Hay House, Amazon, YouTube, Facebook, etc.  I included this video because her personality, energy, and words make me smile!

I was reading from one of Debbie’s books today and found her inscription and snapped a photo of it.  The power of written words and taking the time to share with others is a true gift.  Debbie’s work and energy will certainly live on, what an honor.      DebbieFordInscription

If you would like to learn more about the life-work of Debbie Ford, please visit http://www.rememberingdebbieford.com/

One of the many things I can still hear her saying is, “stand in the totality of your magnificence.”  Thank you Debbie!