A Communications Consultant & Coach for Creatives
A Lifestyle & Food Photographer

A Contemporary Portrait Photographer
Humanizing Technology
A WordPress Website Developer
A Mobile Creative
A Social Curator
A Foundation Builder
Building and Supporting Brands
Documenting Stories & Creating Legacies
Raising Awareness

Not Into Email
Not Kidding
Into The Art Of Listening
Going To Say It Like I Mean It
Always Looking for The Silver Lining

Inspired by People Who Live It
Still Standing
Happy When It Rains
An Eskie Lover
Leaving On A Jet Plane
Finding Beauty In Hidden Places
A Lover Of Healthy Food & Lifestyle
A Constant Gardener
A Bitch When I Am Hungry
Open For Change

A Lover of Vintage Finds
Unfinished On A Few Things
Perfectly Imperfect
A Student of Life

Into Something Good