Hélène Dujardin is a brilliant woman, artist, food photographer and author.  I enjoy reading and participating on her social streams as well as studying the book she authored called Plate to Pixel (featuring food photography).   She has built a presence that educates and inspires me (and I am sure others) to continue creating, exploring texture, layers, colors and techniques.  I love her blog Tartelette (I always go back for seconds) and her social streams Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram.

Today, I wanted to find a way to introduce her work on my site (for those who may not know her work) and to thank her for inspiring me. I was researching my Twitter columns today and found a feature to embed Twitter Feeds on WordPress.  In the event you don’t know her this is a great way to have a peek.  You can also follow her on Twitter if you have an account at @HeleneDujardin  Check out Hélène’s embedded Tweets below and keep in mind that you should follow people who interest you (inspire, get you out of your chair etc.).  It is not about your follower numbers, it is about connecting with each other.  If someone inspires you OR you would like to thank someone….why not feature their social streams or blog site and refer them to your subscribers…there are several ways to do this. If you would like help let me know.  If you are not on Twitter, let’s explore that and get you started.

I hope you enjoy engaging and interacting with others, ROI in my world means Return on Interaction!  What do you learn from the people you follow on social media communities?  Do you thank them and support/share their work? Do you research people who interest you and take the time to understand what you are purchasing and/or understand the scope of what they create?  I personally want to do business with people FIRST and know I can trust them as resources and build long term relationships with them.  If your communications foundation is strong, the referral process is organic and supporting each other comes naturally.

Today, I am starting to write again, maintain and nurture new relationships in my social streams and contribute to growing my blog site.  It is my hope that you have resources who encourage you to have a voice and who generously share your work and name with others.

Thanks to Hélène for being an inspiring example and resource!