One of my creative spaces has become lovingly known as “The Laboratorie”.  Originally this space was going to be our dining room.  Due to the amazing light that flows in the french doors, this space became a place to make beautiful.   The farm table was moved and found a perfect spot right next to the kitchen…everything has a way of finding the right place at the right time.

Upcycled pieces have become an enchanting medium for our life-work lifestyle.  A custom welded rolling cart was created from existing furniture and glass salvaged from another table.  Iron and wooden shelving stores supplies and do-dads.  An armoire (reclaimed from years in the garage) was reclaimed with Olive Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and dark wax.  The unique plates and culinary items stored within are for food photography and styled shoots and workshops.  Tethered shoots with my Mac and Camera became possible when a heavy duty Yamaha drum stand was customized by welding a vented tray on top to support my Mac.  Diffusers, mirrors, tools, and props are within reach…painting with light has become one of my favorite tools.

This past weekend, we visited Country Roads in Orange and I found the perfect antique drafting stool.  Now I have a place to sit while editing imagery, video etc. after a shoot (yes, I stood until I found the right stool).  I am very happy to have a foot rest too!  I can’t help but to wonder who owned this stool in the past and what their work space was like?


Creating this work space was a small investment, accomplished over the last two years.  I say often, “use what you have and create or purchase one piece at a time”.    It is essential to have a space you look forward to or one that reminds and inspires you to experiment, play, learn, and grow.  And… to keep going when deadlines and requests are gifted to you!

Projects take time, visualize what your work space will look like and then take action steps to make it a reality.  Start the process with a journal/sketch book or vision board.  Be accountable with someone (or a tribe of peeps) and share your vision and/or ask for support.  Remember to blog about your project and/or post within a visual social community like  Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr, Pinterest or Oggl.  Use your mobile phone camera to document your notes, pics and video during the process.

I would enjoy hearing about your work space projects and your design inspiration.  Your posts are welcome here and/or feel free to share on any of the communities I mention on my site.  I am cheering you on ALWAYS!