Over the last five months, I have been submerged in learning new technologies and digital publishing applications.  With tablet sales and mobile devices on the rise, I knew it was time to expand and help clients learn how to utilize new tools.  I am excited to officially offer coaching for e-Books, brochures, interactive visual documents, WordPress blog sites and more!

Often clients describe where they want to go with their work, and in turn, I introduce tools and communication vehicles.  Listening and becoming inspired by these conversations is key for moving forward (or not).  The reward for me is when people get to see their footprint and opportunities expand.  With commitment and “the work” interaction and engagement takes on a whole new meaning.

As I work with clients it is clear, that every minute of learning (and sometimes recalibrating) is essential for long-term progress.  In the months to come, I look forward to sharing new ideas and realities that come from change.

Inspire change and take it on!