This time of year prompts me to remember progress.

A few weeks ago I was recalibrating my camera and noticed my favorite tree in the front yard was starting to bloom.  I enjoyed a few moments of photographing the tree and brilliant blooms with the macro lens.

As I sat reviewing the intricate details of these images, I remembered that five years ago in February I was in fear that I wouldn’t live to see this tree bloom again because of a cancer diagnosis.  This season of my life passed quickly and this year I will celebrate my fifth anniversary!  Time, education, and new behaviors have gifted me healthy progress on many levels.  I will always remember that progress is all around us.  Often progress takes time and is not easily recognized.  If we lean in and view things closely it is undeniable that progress is constant.  Remember your progress!

Cherry Blossoms Progress ~ Photography & Video by Carolyn Himes 2013